Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, ours is a  project based emergent curriculum. 


The Reggio Emilia philosophy is routed in the belief that every child is curious about the world around them and this curiosity drives them to seek out knowledge. Through listening and observation, our teachers discover what interests each individual child. They then use this knowledge to provide opportunities for exploration and learning.

Children have many ways of thinking, discovering and learning. To meet these different learning "languages", the classroom provides an environment where children can discover the world through art, music, movement, play, and social interactions.


Project themes are not planned, but emerge based on the children's interests. Recent themes have included volcanoes, knights, families, teeth, and how plants grow. The emergent themes run through each aspect of our program.

While our program is designed to foster a love of learning and build confident and independent explorers, we also strive to prepare children for kindergarten.  The building blocks of our program are designed with the following developmental skills in mind:-

    • Our highly respected music program develops creativity, gross motor coordination and numeracy
    • Gym time in our large, light filled church hall develops gross motor coordination and social skills 

    • Art, craft, building, role play and small toy play centres develop imagination and creativity, as well as fine motor coordination, language skills and social skills.

    • Circle time develops the children's ability to listen, take turns in talking and participate in group discussions. Shape, colour, number and letter recognition are woven into circle time.

    • Story telling fosters imagination and develops language skills.

    • Our Christmas and Summer concerts, as well as in-class show-and-tell sessions, develop confidence in performance and communication skills.

    • Emotional regulation is developed through routines, acknowledging feelings, and teaching empathy and respect.

IMG_7496 (002).jpg

The beautiful church building provides lots of places to explore, including the light filled hall where we have gym time.


Our classroom is filled with exciting and ever-changing centres.