Activities and Ideas To Try At Home

While we are all at home with our families doing our part to flatten the curve during this COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to update our website with some resources and ideas for you to try with your children to help your family fight bouts of boredom and get through this unprecedented time.

 Nature Walk - Go on a walk to find the items on the attached list.

 Use your senses to notice signs of spring - what can you see?  What can you hear?  What can you smell?

Sound Walk - Go for a walk indoors and out seeing how many sounds you can hear from the attached list.

Outdoor Large Motor Ideas

Draw a hopscotch grid on your sidewalk and have your child jump in the squares.  For older kids, draw a grid on the ground, print the letters in their name one per square, and then have them jump in each square to spell their name.

Create an obstacle course in your backyard - chairs to crawl under, hoops to jump into,  a bucket to toss toys into, a skipping rope to walk on like a balance beam etc.


     *  Spring Blossom Craft - paint some lines with black paint for twigs and then dip the bottom of a plastic water bottle in pink paint and dab it on the paper to make cherry blossoms.

     *  Water Painting - grab a bowl of water and some paint brushes and head outside to draw pictures on the sidewalk.

     * Spring Flowers - cut a circle for your child (or let them cut it out if they are older) and have them snip the edges.  Glue onto paper and add a green rectangle for a stem.

     * Binoculars - staple two toilet paper rolls together and let your child decorate any way they want (stickers, markers, glue). If you want ,add a string so they can wear them.  Use the to go outside and look for signs of spring or to play I spy.

Books - Here's a selection of some of our favourite springtime books presented on youtube to share with your child.


Mouse’s First Spring

Over in the Meadow   

Curious George Flies A Kite

Clifford's Spring Clean Up

We'll be adding new ideas, so be sure to check back for updates